Partnering with Us – Company Awards

Our company enjoys a leadership position in all the core medtech areas in which it participates. We employ a number of strategic assets that continuously add value to these partnerships, such as an efficient operational infrastructure, a local market expertise and a strong customer base. Key to our development and solid financial position is its ability to allocate and fully integrate resources in ways that benefit these partnerships as well as the company’s strategic growth objectives. M.S.Jacovides demonstrates a strong ethical code of conduct record and is one of a few Greek independent firms in the sector that was TRACE Certified for several years, signifying the commitment to transparency in international commercial transactions. Our company is looking forward to further marketing partnerships with promising medical device companies that offer a comprehensive high quality and wide product portfolio in our current areas, as well as in adjacent and/or new medtech fields. A number of distinctions have been awarded by global partners as well as independent organizations.