Advanced Patient Care (A.P.C.)

Advanced Patient Care (A.P.C.)

The Advanced Patient Care Business Unit markets a wide range of products covering the needs of medical professionals, doctors and nurses at Public Hospitals and Private Clinics.

The business unit product portfolio includes Zoll Medical’s IVTM Temperature Management System, Pall Medical’s Anesthesia & Respiratory Care products, inclusive of Breathing and Infusion Therapy Filters, Biometrix Medical’s Critical Care product lines with Central Venous Catheters, Hemodialysis Catheters, Blood Pressure Monitoring Systems, Urological Devices and Thoracic Drainage systems and Baxter’s (ex. Cheetah Medical’s) non-invasive Hemodynamic Monitoring System, Starling SV. The Advanced Patient Care business unit recently expanded its collaborations with Rocket Medical’s Chest Drainage and IPC systems for use in Thoracic Surgery and Interventional Pulmonology, Armstrong Medical’s Heated Wired Circuits for Intensive Care, High Flow Oxygen Therapy and CPAP for Adults, Pediatrics and Neonates in Pulmonology as well as with NeurOptics with an objective digital Pupillometry system for the neurological assessment of Critical Care Patients. Lately, the Unit added Bittium BioSignals’ BrainStatusTM, an innovative wireless – real time monitoring – compact electroencephalogram (EEG) recording system and Innovel’s Medical LEAFix a Laryngeal Endo-Tracheal Airway Fixator which is designed to standardize the practice of airway securement in Anaesthesia, leading to reduced infection and injury risks.

The Sales and Marketing team of the unit has an extensive experience in the areas of Anesthesia, Operating Room, Intensive Care, Infection Control and Sterilization Systems. This experience together with the continuous training allows for deep market knowledge and ensures continuous growth for the multidirectional product portfolio that APC represents.

Exclusive Distribution Agreements: Baxter International (ex Cheetah Medical), Pall Medical (now part of Cytiva USA), Zoll Medical (USA), Biometrix Medical Critical Care Solutions (Israel). Recent Collaborations: Rocket Medical (UK), Armstrong Medical (NI), NeurOptics (USA), Bittium Biosignals Ltd (a subsidiary of Bittium Corporation, Finland) and Innovel Medical (UK).

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