Acute care

Any type of a cardiac issue, whether it was a cardiac arrest or something less major, requires a strict rehab period.

We make sure to make it most efficient!

Here are the types of cardiac therapies and treatments that we offer:

  • Recovering after a heart attack or heart surgery.
  • Preventing future hospital stays, heart problems, and death related to heart problems
  • High Blood Pressure
  • High Levels of Cholesterol
  • Providing you with a heart healthy dietary plan

Acute care

In case you've suffered a severe health issue recently, our intensive, short or long-term acute care therapy and rehabilitation will get you back in the saddle!
Wide RangeWhile many other senior care rehabilitation centers in the neighborhood tend to offer an expertise in just one or a few of the healthcare fields, our team of senior care pros is proud of being able to offer a full-cycle of the most common healthcare services.
Skilled StaffEach single doctor or a nurse on our team is a seasoned, caring and a well-rounded expert in his or her respective field of practice. We are always sure that if a patient has come to us for a medical aid and therapy, then the chances of a successful recovery become much higher!
Affordable PricingDid you know that some of the hospitals and private clinics in the US have upped their pricing x10 times in the last 50 years, keeping in mind that it's adjusted for inflation? We're not like these greedy people, capitalizing on someone's health problems to make an extra buck or two.

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