Blood Management & Gastroenterology Business Unit (BM.G.)

The Blood Management & Gastroenterology Business Unit (BM.G), provides an extensive range of products and services for the hospitals where blood needs to be collected, processed, tested and transfused,  as well as products where various diseases of the GI tract need to be diagnosed and addressed. More specifically the Business Unit operates in two divisions: The Blood Management division and the Gastroenterology division. Recently the Unit entered also into the Cardiovascular field.

The Business unit has been driving the blood banking market since its inception for over 30 years with innovative, value adding products for the Blood Banks and for all hospital settings where blood is being transfused.

Our exclusive, long- term collaborations include global leaders in their field such as Haemonetics Inc. USA, Kawasumi Laboratories Inc. Japan, Pall Medical (now part of Danaher Group USA), Sandhill Scientific Inc.USA (now Diversatek Healthcare) and Terumo Medical Corporation Japan.

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